Bank of Midnight

Bank of Midnight

Welcome To The Bank of Midnight!

Here's how it works...

For every $1 spent, you'll earn 10 Midnight Notes

500 Midnight Notes = $5 OFF

1000 Midnight Notes = $10 OFF or FREE SHIPPING

Earn 100 Midnight Notes just for Signing Up!

Need to check your balance or spend some notes? Hop on your computer and click the "Bank of Midnight" button on the bottom left to check your Midnight Notes Balance, or redeem your Midnight Notes for Codes!


PLEASE NOTE: Codes for $5 or $10 can only be used on purchases larger than $20, and Free Shipping can be used on any order. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

We're so stoked to finally be announcing a rewards program! We are working hard on exclusive items that will only be made available using Midnight Notes!  Once we've got them ready, we'll be sure to make an announcement you won't want to miss! Stay Tuned! - The Midnight Society