Summer 2018 Collection - Midnight Bootleg Capsule Pre Order

Summer 2018 Collection - Midnight Bootleg Capsule Pre Order

MDNGHT BTLG T-Shirts are Available Now for 72 Hours! ...

If you’re unfamiliar with this design or concept, here’s a little backstory: Back in the 1980s, Canal Street, better known as Chinatown in NYC was popping off with designer bootleg t-shirts (still is probably). T-Shirts were sold at $20 or so, and became popular due to the fact they didn’t exist anywhere else. The craze spread to shops throughout Harlem and Brooklyn who began lacing out hip hop artists like LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Run DMC and athletes Mike Tyson and, most recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The shirts carried over into the 90s, and then disappeared... The resurgence hit when high fashion decided to bring the designs back, carrying a much heftier price tag ($550 - $1200), making the bootleg tees from back in the day even more sought after. We wanted to pay homage to the history of this design for not only being a part of hiphop culture, but also being the fashion industries most unusual product. A bootleg of a bootleg, of a bootleg... luckily we kept the original price tag.

- The Midnight Society

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